Hunter Burdick

Partner, Oil & Gas

Robert “Hunter” Burdick is a co-founder of Overland Minerals and Royalties and brings years of knowledge in petroleum land management, acquisitions and sales of leases, mineral rights and working interests. A Texas native, Hunter began his career in oil and gas at age 17 while working summers for

Petro Land Group of Tyler, Texas. Over the course of his career, Hunter has worked for Petroleum Development Corporation (NYSE:PETD), Lone Tree Energy & Associates, and EnergyNet, Inc., Prio to Overland, Hunter brokered over 1,100 oil and gas property sales for various clients and acquired countless oil and gas leases for exploration and production. Hunter lives in Littleton, Colorado and outside of work, Hunter enjoys the outdoors with his wife, two children and dogs.


  • Petroleum Land Management, Rawls School of Business, Texas Tech University